How do I do credit card sales?

I'm not using Peachtree credit card service. I have a separate terminal and cards are processed and batched through the terminal. In the Peachtree receipts window, I can put in that it's a credit card sale but when I save it I can't associate it with the account I've setup for the company processing the sales. The only choice I see in Peachtree is that the money goes into a checking account. I would think the money would have to go to an accounts receivable account and then from there transferred to the checking account less discount fees. How should this be done? I'm currently using MS-Money and it's an easy no brainer to do this. Am I being unrealistic in assuming I can setup Peachtree to begin January 1st? It took two hours to setup MS-Money. I've already spent countless hours on Peachtree and don't seem to be able to setup what I want. Maybe I'm missing something here.
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If the cc "receipts" are in fact receivable and not cash, go ahead and treat it as A/R. Simply do an "invoice" (not a "real" invoice, but just a data entry mechanism to get the receivable on the books) to your "customer" (not a "real" customer, just the credit card company you set up as a "customer") and enter your batch total. Then, whenever they cut you a check or do an ACH/EFT to your checking account, do a "real" cash receipt in the Receipts routine, debiting X to checking for the net cash and Y for the merchant discount to an expense account called "Credit Card Merchant Discounts". Done. This, then, would "zero" your A/R account.
There's also a nummber of other ways to do this depending on your circumstances/desires. I'm sure somebody else will be along with a suggestion or two for you.
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