Peachtree 2007 Payroll Report issues

I'm stuck for solutions with two issues I'm for some customers Peachtree 2007.
The first issue is that prior year forms, such as modified W2 forms which have
always worked in all previous versions until 2007, now don't show up in Reports
Payroll > 'Forms'
What is the solution to make previous version forms show up in PT2007?
The second issue relates to formatting the pay stubs. The trouble that a
customer user is having is that in modifying a payroll check form to print
employee deductions, the "print zero dollar values does not work in on a check
stub unless the YTD has a value.
Is there a solution so that the deductions always print in the same line each
time, even if the value reporting is zero? The objective is to remove the
reporting of 'Memo" fields.
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