Differnce between Net Worth Report and Net Worth at bottom of Account Bar

Q '05, Release 5
1) I have an IRA account with AMVESCAP. They do not support direct download or webconnect, only older versions of quicken so my entries are manual.
2) My investment page is correct. Correct number of shares and current market value. This account has multible mutual funds and one single stock for the company at which I work. 3) When I do a net worth report, the value for each reporting period in always off the same amont. When I select account detail to show each fund, I see some negative values for mutual funds that are closed. "Closed" meaning all shares have been sold. Again, looking at the investment page or eslewhere in quicken shows the correct balance of zero shares and $ for these closed accounts. All other entries are correct with the exception of two closed mutual funds and the active account with my company stock. 4) There are no placeholder entries that I can see in the register or reports. 5) I have considered deleting all entries, but I keep multi-year records and this would be a lot of manual work, one entry at a time. 6) The error is about $12,000. The closed mutual funds show constant errors of about -$3000 each, and the copany stock error varies with the stock value.
This error was posted earlier, but I could not fix it with any advice given. I re-post here because I don't like to give up easily. I have added sares in type entries and I can vary the closed mutual fund "error", but I end up with a non-zero balance for the stock on the investment page. In other words, fixing the error on net worth only causes an error elsewhere.
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