Qkn06 Premier: Net Worth/Account Balance Troubles

I recently upgraded from Qkn05 Deluxe to Qkn 06 Deluxe, then did the upgrade to 06 Premire via download.
Since doing so, I occassionaly get a wildly incorrect balance for one of
my mutual funds (not always the same fund) when I first open Quicken, which throws my Net Worth figures way off. Instead of reflecting a balance in 5 figures, the balance reflected in both the Net Worth Report and the Net Worth total in the account listing on the left of the main screen is in 7 figures.
In other words, when I look at the mutual fund account in question, instead of reflecting say $11/share x 1000 shares = a balance of $11,000, it incorrectly shows $11/share x 100,000 shares = $1,100,000. (If only the fund company would make that kind of error regarding my balance, I'd be a happy camper....)
The error always shows up in the last transaction of the account when that transaction is a scheduled transaction. The error is generated starting on the date of the scheduled transaction, and it's always that the number of shares is off by two decimal places. (Before that date arrives, the shares and account balance are reflected correctly.) I then have to manually correct the number of shares in that transaction in order to correct the balance.
This has happened more than once since I upgraded to Qkn 2006 and NEVER occured in any previous version of Quicken that I have used. (And I've probably used 6 or 7 different versions.) I have validated the datafile and it comes up clean.
Has anyone else here experienced this type of error? Can anyone explain what might be causing this to happen?
I hope my description is clear.
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