Question about batch processing.

I have been pulling my hair out for a while dealing with Peachtree 2005 Complete working over a network, with data being kept on a Samba share. First I thought it was due to filelocking, nut after many, many hours I have discovered that locking isn't the issue, at least not from the Samba side.
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for more information. So now I have found that batch mode solves the problem(s), however I have seen that people report issues with peachtree when running batch mode. I'm wondering if batch mode is the correct mode for Peachtree running in a multi-user enviroment. The data lives on a Samba share, with no more then 3 users accessing peachtree at once, and even then, they are all accessing different areas of peachtree. (One is invoicing, one is enter inventory etc...)
Thank You. ~kurth
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Kurth Bemis

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