Sample General Journal Import File

I'm trying to import general journal transactions but I'm not having
too much luck.
Here's what is in the csv file:
date,reference,date cleared,number dist,g/l
account,description,amount,job id,reimburseable,transaction
period,transaction num,consolidated tran
2/24/2007,,,2,40000-AV,Sales - Aviary,-201.5,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,40000-BK,Sales - Books,-438,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,40000-CE,Sales - Ceramics,-529.33,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,40000-DS,Sales - Design Services,-3228.32,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,10000-00,Petty Cash,1575.65,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,10100-00,Cash on Hand,165.72,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,10200-00,Regular Checking Account,222.07,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,10300-00,Payroll Checking Account,2004.56,,,,,
2/24/2007,,,2,10400-00,Savings Account,429.15,,,,,
Everytime I import the above transactions it says it's out of balance
(I'm trying to import this into the sample company and I checked the
box saying there's a header row).
Can anybody please provide me with a sample file that has multiple rows
of records? What is the field Number of distributions in this file? How
does that field work? I don't have an accounting background. We are
just trying to import data from our application into Peachtree.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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The number of distributions contains the number of records for a given transaction. So change the value to 9 for this example and see if it imports correctly.
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Thanks! That worked!!
Question - What exactly is considered 1 transaction? In my example I listed 9 entries. I thought those were 9 different transactions but it seems like it's only 1. Please keep in mine I don't have an accounting background.
Is it typical to find 1 file with lots of distributions? Or multiple "transactions" within 1 file. What is an example of multiple transactions in terms of business transactions and how would that translate into this file?
Thanks again!!!
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A "transaction" is a completly balances (debits=credits) entry. It can be a sales invoice, a receipt, a payment, or a general journal entry. The complete set of lines to complete the single task is your transaction.
A transaction by definition must be at least 2 lines or it won't balance so there is no limit to the number of lines a transaction can contain. It only must balance.
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I agree with the other posts, on balancing, and the need to tell the import the number of trans in a balanced 'set';
just to add one painful lesson I learned -- if you're trying to bring in history from another system, you'll need to force a balance every so often. Several versions ago, it was at 144 lines. The newer versions may be able to hold more lines in process. Can have any number of these 'groups' in balance in one import.
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