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We upgraded from windows 98 to windows xp and just installed the microsoft
RMS software. We are unable to get our barcode blaster to print properly.
We use 2.4 x 1 labels, 4 up. All we get to print are the settings (numbers
and letters) with no barcodes...
Any information would be appreciated.
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Barcode Blasters can use either Cognitive's Windows Drivers or the Generic/Text Driver. Which one is appropriate depends on the label format you are trying to print - the Barcode Blaster formats that install with RMS are meant for use with the Generic/Text driver.
It sounds like you have set up the printer using the windows driver, but are trying to print a text format. Go to Control Panel, Printers & Faxes. Delete the Barcode Blaster Printer. Add a Printer, use the Generic/Text Only driver. Try printing you label to the newly defined printer.
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Thank you for your earlier response. The type of barcode we are trying to print is alpha/numeric (ie cry109981). If we choose to use the barcode format that came with our RMS system, there is no preview for this. Would you still recommend installing the generic printer drivers? Is there more detailed information that you would need to make the decision? Please advise. Thanks, Matt
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"Barcode Format" is an item property in RMS. You can think of the Barcode Format as being similar to a Font - it determines the size and placement of the bars that represent your lookup code. Only a few Barcode Formats support Alpha-Numeric codes though, so you have to be careful of which format you choose - in general, it's a good idea to stick to relatively short (6-8 char) numeric only lookup codes to get the best results from your barcode printer and scanner. I don't remember off the top of my head which barcode formats will work with the type of lookup code you used as an example - do a Google search for barcode formats and you should find many sites that list the requirements of each format - I think there's one called barcoding 101...
The "Barcode Format" has nothing to do with the label preview, although if you select a barcode format that doesn't work with the lookup code for the item, you may not see the barcode displayed. I think what you are referring to is the "Label Format" which is either a text based description of how the label should look, or a graphical layout designed in the Label Editor of RMS. The text based label formats cannot be previewed in the label wizard. If you try to print a text format label to a windows printer, you will get a print out of the text commands that were meant for a generic/text printer - the 'settings' - which I thought was what you described in your initial post.
If you have designed a label in the label designer, then that should use the barcode blaster windows driver. If you are getting the label to print properly except for the barcode, it usually is because either no Barcode Format was selected for that item (in Item Properties) or because the barcode field in the label designer is too small for the barcode to fit into. Just upgrading the OS should not have had any effect on your label format - assuming that you had saved the .lbl file and didn't have to re-create it from scratch - the only thing that should have been affected by the OS change would have been the installed printers/printer drivers.
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Hi Matt,
Cognitive Barcode Blaster Windows Driver will not work with RMS, you will have to use Generic Text printer driver. You will not be able to use RMS built in Label Designer to design your label, instead you will need to use their programming language code to design your label in notepad and save the file as .lbl file extension.
You can find a guide to programming for Blaster from cognitive website, you will also find more technical notes on how to code for Barcode Blaster from RMS Knowledge base, which will also tell you the function name for all the fields in RMS.
Also, you can use CODE128A or CODE128B for alpha numeric barcode, I forgot which one supports lowercase letter, but one of them only support uppercase. However, I recommend that you use CODE128C and using numeric only if your barcode is too large for your label, which I think it will be since you are using 1".
I hope that was of some help.
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Hi, I want to print labels of multiple items at same time by selecting multiple items in item window but my Barcode printer doesn't print all labels, it only print label of 1st time, can any body give me proper guidance
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Update Solutions?
I am having these same problems, using the exact same size label. Were any of these solutions successful for you Matt, or did you find a new solution?
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Saw this topic, perhaps someone could lend an eye on this issue.
The software company that I'm with uses Cognitive Barcode Blaster Advantage LX printers. We used to make use of the Generic Text Only driver, however it lacked the fine control and design options that the graphical drivers from Cognitive (really have. This has worked beautifully for the last few years.
In the last month and a half I've had a sudden increase in calls now reporting the same issue Matt reported. The barcode does not print, instead the ISBN prints surrounded by *'s. We use Code 39 to print these fonts.
I have a printer shipped to my office by a customer that had this behavior. When setup on brand new Dell Optiplex the barcode does not print. However, when setup on a 4 year old XP machine that has not done windows update in about 10 months it works just fine. I've swap tested the power supply and printer cable so I'm sure it's not the hardware at this point. I have my own printer in house and it works fine on our machines, but when connected to that new Dell Optiplex it has the same problem.
There must be some recent change here, either a windows update or some system level change to the Code39 font. I've tried copying my code 39 font to this new system in hopes there was perhaps a backwards compatability issue with some version change. Interestingly enough when you go to the Fonts manager in windows and try to open that particular font file none of the sample barcodes are displayed, merely their sizes. On that older machine they display just fine.
Any input on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
-Elspeth S.
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