Error 91 in HQ Client

When the worksheet 401 is processing on the hq client, It give an error
saying: Error 91: object variable or within block variable not set (unhandled
error, state ='9'). The hq client re-tries to connects every 30 seconds after
this error. The RMS version 1.3.1006. Please help
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1) make sure that HQ Server and HQ Client are the same version. 2) you may have items that were created in the store instead of HQ. Look for items in the store database with HQID = 0 (select itemlookupcode, description, id, hqid from item where hqid = 0) 3) try reindexing the store database (backup first)
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

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