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I am not posivtive on this, but I think it is just some registry settings that need to be present. The GUI for this feature has been removed, but i think as long as the registry entries are there it will work.
If you have an old copy of SO you may want to install it on a test machine and see what the registry entry differences are.
You may want to search this newsgroup for old posts on this topic for more insight as I think this has been mentioned before.
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Is there still a way to download internet orders in RMS. I saw the functionality when I first installed the product, but am unable to find it now. Where do you put the server info at for the POS to download the internet orders?
I have a web firm that is making a web store for me, and I have a copy of a XML Yahoo receipt. I jsut cannot figure out where to tell RMS to download the orders from.
Thanks for the help, Nick
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Nick, Yes there is a way to do this. You will need a tool to insert the xml data from your website into the rms database, then you can use the built in RMS internet order functionality to generate the order. We have a add-on that does just this, called Web Integrator. This allows you to create a XML template on any website you want then use this add-on to call out to your website and download it into RMS. This add-on can also allow you to upload inventory to any website once you configure your website to accept the add-on's XML postings. This functionality was available way back before Microsoft aquired RMS, they decided to discontinue the service that was being provided to push the data into RMS. We decided to develop a tool that does this, since Microsoft had no plans on creating or supporting this service going forward.
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