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I am planning to go live with RMS 2.0 April 2, but still have a few "issues"
to work out. I have a retail cigar and tobacco store but also sell lottery.
We sell scratch off tickets and on-line tickets as well as cash winning
tickets. I have set up the following new items in the database:
Lotto Sales (Online Games)
Lottery Sales (Scratch Offs)
Lottery Payouts (cash payouts for both)
All of the above items are set up as "Non-Inventoried" items.
We don't buy these tickets from the state, they are "given" to us on
consignment and we reimburse the state for the tickets we sell, and they
reimburse us for the cash payouts we make. We make our money on the
commission of acting as a Lottery "broker". While we make 5% on the sales of
tickets and 1% on the redemptions, I don't really consider that in my profit
numbers for the store. (All my commissions are deposited directly into the
bank. I have RMS set to require the price to be entered at time of sale due
to the fact that amount will always vary. But if a clerk sells $10 worth of
lottery with the database cost set to $0 the reports will show a $10 profit,
and this is not the case. Likewise, if a clerk makes a payout for $10, the
reports will show a loss.
My question(s) are, is anybody out there selling Lottery that has
encountered this and found a solution? How might I go about setting these
three items the best way as to NOT have ANY effect on my bottom line as it
relates to the profit or loss that RMS "THINKS" I am making?
Sorry about the LONG wordy post, but I just had RMS installed this week and
rapidly moving towards going live. Any assistance or guidance with issue
would be of great help.
Tim - Cigar Guy
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Tim - Cigar Guy
I have done it for years without problem really. There is a defacto gost of goods at 95% of the value. Retail $1, cost $0.95. There is no tax, so it will show up as non-tax sales, equal to bottle redemptions. If you at the end of the day want to know exactly how much was non lottery sales, you will have to exclude the lottery sales from teh non-tax. "Tim - Cigar Guy" wrote in message news:
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Tim, What I did, which probably isn't exactly what you are looking for, but it could help, is I set up each ticket in the system as an can make it a non inventory item, but that way I am able to track the tickets regarding sales, and inventory control. I also set up a Department for Lottery, and Categories for Scratchers...IE $1, $2, $3, $5 as these are the amounts of tickets we sell. I set up miscellanious Item Lookup Numbers for OnLine Lotto, IE 00007 = Lotto, 00077 = Fantasy 5, and so forth...then at the end of the day because this does factor into sales, everything is under the Department for Lottery, I know to subtract that amount from total sales, or I run a report that automatically excludes sales of Lotto / Lottery. Hope this helps!
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