Macro for Internet Order Window

I want to create a macro to launch the CTL-SHIFT-F10 "Internet order"
button (because I am going to make a custom button for it). However, I
cannot record the macro because as soon as I hit CTRL-SHIFT-F10, the
order popup window pops up and I cannot end the macro by doing SHIFT-F3.
If I close the window, then hit SHIFT-F3 to end the macro, the macro
just opens and then closes the internet order window.
Is there another way to do it?
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I just tried to make this macro and it was successful. What I did: CTRL-F3 to record macro. CTRL-SHIFT-F10 to open the internet order window. CTRL-F3 to pause the macro. Clicked Cancel on the internet order window. CTRL-F3 to stop the recording. I hope this works for you. Just assign that macro to a button.
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Once the Internet Order Window Popup becomes active, when I hit CTRL-F3, I did not get the MACRO SUCCESSFULLY RECORDED message so I thought is was not working.
I did not realize that you could PAUSE the Macro and then end it later!
If I could come thru the computer to give you a big hug I would. Thanks so much!!!!
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You mean CTRL+F3 for macro? And you just want to open "Internet order" window? You can do it: 1) Ctrl+F3, then choose assignment key 2) Ctrl+Shift+F10 (Internet Order window opens) 3) Ctrl+F3 - it pauses macro recording (indicator at the top of the window shows it) 4) Esc - close Internet Order window 5) Ctrl+F3 again - stops recording. When you press now your assignment key Internet Order stays open - macro is saved in place where you paused it. It works also in other places where is window on window!
Regards, Koit Lahesoo
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Koit Lahesoo

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