Multiple barcodes for same item?

Can I have multiple barcodes for the same item? I don't necessarily want to
use my suppliers UPC as the ILC as that's not how I order from them in the
first place. They've got their own unique 'item number' that I want to use
as the ILC that I'd also like to use as my barcode under the 128A format
(some item numbers involve a few alphanumerics). Can I have both the
supplier UPC and my ILC/128A codes listed for the same item and scan in
either at the POS?
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i think what you probably want to try is using the item reorder number on the supplier tab for the 'item specific' code from your supplier.
Then use the item lookup code to create your own ilc for the item - use whatever you want
then use the alias to enter the manufacturers barcode number
so at the POS you will be able to scan either your item lookup code, or manufacturers barcode as long as its in the alias list. (you can have multiple alias's for each item)
hope this helps!
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Philip Gass
Use the Alias to give multiple lookup codes for the same item
Afshin Alikhani - [ ] CEO - Retail Realm
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Afshin Alikhani
Also, you can put the reorder # in both the Supplier Reorder # field and the Alias field. This way it will show up on the PO as the reorder # but you can also scan it if it's a barcode. I have all my Supplier Reorder #'s set up as alias also, it makes for simpler manual PO creation for those times when you don't automatically create one using min's and max's. Craig
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