Multiple Bin Locations

Hi all,
I'm searching for a way to have multiple bin locations in RMS. Our business
requires that a single warehouse have more than one location for products of
the same type i.e. the same itemlookupcode can be located in bin AA01, AE01
and XY03. These locations are primary, secondary and tertiary holding bins
for products. I am familiar with Retail Realms Multiple Location product
however, it doesn't satisfy our requirements. Does anyone know of an
alternative or a potential workaround?
Thanks in advance... KJ
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Thanks Rick, but the Multi Location product from Retail Realm only has the ability to have one bin per location.
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If you are trying to keep track of Quantity in each Bin, then you would set up 3 locations (primary, secondary and tertiary) in the Multi-Location solution. Each location would have 1 Bin Location per product.
The BinLocation field is just a text field, so you could enter a comma separated list of bins into it - "1A, 2B, 3C". This would tell you that your items are spread across the 3 bins, but not HOW MANY are in each bin.
Multi Location is the only solution I know of that will even begin to address managing multiple Counts for a single Item.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Thanks for the info Glenn. I definitely want to know how many items are in each bin location, so i may end up writting a plugin to handle the bin location aspect of RMS.
Thanks again,
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