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We have a clothing store. We have floor space for about 3000 garments,
distributed over several different racks and fixtures. We also have two
At any given time, item XYZ could be in multiple locations. We may have 10
items total, with 3 on the "Featured Item" rack, 2 on the regular rack, 1 in
the front stockroom, and 4 in the secured stock cage in the back.
RMS only has a single bin location record per Item record. Is there any way,
using the out-of-the-boxs RMS software, that we can have multiple bins per
item? We really aren't looking to buy a third party tool, and creating my own
set of bin tracking tables is a task I don't want to tackle at this time.
Bill Yater
The Worth Collection, Ltd
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Bill Yater
I don't think you can do anything that's going to be worth the effort without an add-in.
You could potentially do something with Kit Items (one kit per location - break/build them as you move items around), or maybe with Tag-Along items, but the management overhead and complexity is going to cost you more than the add-on would...
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

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