Need to create Duplicate Items in Inventory

I own a bookstore & need to create items that have the same description; I
may have 1 book with the exact same title three times with a different sub
description (paper back, hard cover and Mass Market).

When I use the import utility in POS 2009, I get an error message
telling me that an item with the same description already exists. I am aware
of this & want it to create the item anyway. Thai is also true for some of my
gift items.

If it was only a few items, I'm sure I couple just modify the
description, however this is true for about 13,000 items. I seem to get the
same message in the Quick Import Utility for RMS as well. Any help would be
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David D.
You could always just put "HB" or "PB" in the main description also to differentiate between hard back or paper back, but I guess you are trying to avoid that?
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I havn't had a chance to play with POS 2009 yet, but could you create these books using a matrix? create a matrix using Paper Back, Hard Cover, and Mass Market.
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Andy Miller - R
I am looking into why this is happening for a customer on POS2009 as well. What flavour of POS2009 did you install? (US, CA, UK or AU)
Robert Armstrong RMS Systems Inc.
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Robert Armstron
US version just got it yesterday. I did have a chance to play with the GB. Version for a bit also. I am running into this in both. I am getting the duplicate error when I try to import items with the same name, also when I try to import items that have the same sub description. e.g.: -My vendor for an item is Demdaco. -The manufacturer is willow Tree( The Man. For about 1000 items) - The item is The Angel OF ***** (The sub description for about 800) - Then it may be an ornament, figurine, plaque or memory box. This is just an example, but this is the general problem. Please let me know if you get any ideas!?
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David D.
Microsoft has acknowledged this should not be happening and have submitted this as a bug to be fixed.
I don't have an ETA for you, hopefully it will be included with SP1.
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Robert Armstron
Hi David,
Retail Realm is releasing the new version of Import Utility in the next 10 days. Send me an email and I will sendyou a FREE version of this utility for you to try and resolveuour duplicate import issue.
Afshin Alikhani - Retail Realm
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