socket not found

Now what?
Our internet was down in our main office for 2 days - it's back up
thankfully! Now the stores won't connect to HQ. The message is that the
socket is not found.
Nothing in the configurations have changed.
Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?
I appreciate any help.
Thank you!
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HI ZCSF, Couple of things needs to consider, first check does your IP address is same or not, are you using public IP or private IP make sure these things first this could be one sitution. Also try restart your HQ server it may be possible it is in sleep mode since 2 days you said you not run that.
Second before doing any communication try to use the ping command at the store level to HQ. Let me know I also hope you have not changed anything at HQ.
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Akber Alwani
Thanks for the reply. We pinged the IP address and no problems. I restarted the HQ server (again) and no luck.
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