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Problem with weight on receipt
Hi I wonder if you can help me with this issue. We had a person testing a weigh scale to certify it with RMS and encountered the following problem: When he put 1.2 Ib on the scale and printed a...
12 years ago
strange report output
Our detailed sales report for yesterday is missing some transactions. I run any other report(register, top items, top departments, etc.)and all items are there and accounted for. I run the standard...
12 years ago 5
401 worksheet timing out - can I override the upload?
I recently made a number of changes to the description fields in the Item table in my RMS Store Operations database. This change affected about 80,000 items. Now when I run a 401: Request Data Upload...
12 years ago 3
30 day evaluation key needed
Hello all, A while ago we've requested the MS POS 2.0 demo-cd 9a 30 day evaluation key was included). Now one of our customers is interested in a demo but since our 30-day demo has expired we cannot...
12 years ago 2
Quickbooks Integration Help
Good Afternoon - I am running RMS 1.3 for my sporting goods business. I want to integrate Quickbooks 2006 with RMS. The threads that I have searched for Quickbooks on the thread are not very detail...
12 years ago
Subject: POS (not RMS) Dropping CC Transactions During Settlement
We are using Microsoft POS and have our credit card transactions settled via the POS Vital feature over our broadband connection. After reconciling the credit/debit card settlement reports with our...
12 years ago 1
Several bugs / ideas for Microsoft
Hi Below are a few things that RMS needs changed/added, especially for the EMEA market. 1. RMS needs to be able to calculate and print the price per KG or Litre on labels. It is a legal requirement...
12 years ago 5
Deleted items not coming off PO
Hi A customer created a PO with items which she then deleted (not really an ideal way of doing things I know) but then there are some details left in the PO tables which distort reports. Has anyone...
12 years ago 4
Microsoft exam for RMS 2.0
Hi I will be trying for certification in RMS 2.0 this Thursday, does anyone have or know where I can get some sample questions which might appear in the exam. Thanks Gareth hi Gaz, Sample I am not...
12 years ago 9
MS POS vs QuickBooks POS
I am doing some initial review of a POS system for a Garden Center Gift Shop business. 1. I am looking at QuickBooks POS and MS POS among others 2. Does MS POS easily intergrate with QB accounting or...
12 years ago 1
Settlement Pending - Erroneously Transacted a Return
Yesterday, I erroneously rang up a sale as a return (MasterCard). I did not realize until the end of the day and am trying to contact the buyer. I have not settled transactions hoping to correct this...
12 years ago 3
Slow responce of cash drawer OR printer error
Hi every one. Some time the cash drawer response is very slow. Sometimes the cash drawer opens, but the receipt doesn't print. The computer searches for a while and then at the end it displays an...
12 years ago 2
Manager and POS doesn't open.
Hi every one. Most of the times when I open administrator & connect the database, the manager and POS doesn't open, after restart the computer again both start working. Any body have some idea please...
12 years ago 2
POS Stop responding OR slow Responding
Hi every one. I have TM88IV & APG Cash Drawer, using OPOS driver, using Microsoft RMS 2.0 with Windows Vista. after printing 5 or 6 receipts, POS stops responding. POS then doesn't close and...
12 years ago 1
EDC Check list
hi! Anyone have the checklist that I need so I know what the bank needs to provide me to get EDC up an running?
12 years ago