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custom buttons
Where do you find a list of all the interanl commands for custom buttons. In example: To reprint receipts, bring up the clockin/clockout window, etc..
15 years ago 15
Custom POS Button for Details
I would like to create a Custom POS Button for Transaction Details (Shift-F9). I can't find a Fire Event command for this function. Can someone please let me know what the internal command is that...
15 years ago 6
Inter-store transfer problems. Becoming a big problem.
We have HQ and Store Ops here in the office. Our warehouse manager uses Store Ops to transfer out inventory to the various store locations. We've been experiencing some unusual problems. For exampl...
15 years ago 7
Starting using Global customers
Hi all: I'm just going to start using global customers for a 3 stores company. All 3 stores have been collecting customer's data for some time, and now they have 500 clients each. We want to propagat...
15 years ago 3
RMS Reason Code
Hi there, I have a quick question on the discount, lets say I have entered 5 items and there is a subtotal discount (dicscount on the transaction) applied, then a customer add a new item, Is it possib...
15 years ago 2
modify description field in reports
When I print my PO's I can make the part # field in the view report screen wider but when i print it, it defaults back to the regular size. The problem is it cuts off my part numbers on some of m...
15 years ago 2
Screen Width
How change the width of screen in pos (HTML part) to display more information of customers Thanks.
15 years ago 3
Wireless Handheld Software
i know that New West Tech and Retail Realm have RMS add ons that work wirelessly on handhelds. Is there anyn other company that does this type of add ons? I have a Symbol PPT 2846 handheld running...
15 years ago 3
Replacing POS frontend with .NET GUI
Hi everyone, I am hoping to completely replace the RMS POS frontend with my own program I'll write in .NET to allow other functionality. However, I still wanted to use the Admin and Manager program...
15 years ago 8
Over Tendering Cash
Hi all ~ I'm looking for a way to prevent inadvertent over tendering of cash by scanning an item? Occasionally we accidently scan an item when the total screen is open - the scanner reads the bar co...
15 years ago 1
Using HQ on multiple computers
I have RMS installed on a SQL server and I have a database created and a couple of stores connected to it. I am trying to install HQ on another machine on the LAN so I can do maintainence and what h...
15 years ago 3
More Cash Drawer Questions
TM-6000II usb printer/micr. It has a RJ-12 (6-pin) going to the epson and a RJ-45 (8-pin) going to the bottom of the cash drawer, this all works great. Now we ordered our drawers, printers and int...
15 years ago 2
Grocery Store with Deli Counter
Is RMS able to handle barcodes printed from a scale(ie Deli meats) of items that are weighed? If so what type of scale/barcode should I use? Is there anything special that needs to be setup in RMS to ...
15 years ago 2
Help w SQL query
Howdy, can anyone help me with a SQL query to change global customers to local? I briefly used HQ at a second location, now I am only using SO and am having issues updating customers who were ente...
15 years ago 3
Web store software
I use RMS for my physical retail store and I plan to open a web store. What storefront, shopping cart software do you recommend that is hosted by an ISP, highly customizable, and can possibly integr...
15 years ago 2