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How to add Item Info to PORcv.xml
Anybody know how to add Item fields to the PO receive report? I want to add the to the receive report. YES! me too. That is the exact field that I'm looking to add. Let me know if you figure it out,...
15 years ago 2
Debit Cards and NOT using Citibank
We are in the process of trying to take debit cards and use ICVerify and First Data as our credit card processor. It wasn't until I did a test last night from RMS and researched the message I received...
15 years ago 6
Receipt printer error
When I try and print from RMS to my Epson TM-88III Parallel port printer I am getting this error:" Invalid Operation 425: The printer cannot be accessed . It may be locked by another application". I...
15 years ago 4