Allownace for Doubtful Accounts

AFDA should be A/R in Balance Sheet as a contra entry.
In Quick Book Pro 2009, at the end of the yr
to write off bad debt of the customer,
I have to make credit memo for that customer.
As an item AFDA won't go to A/R.
I have to select A/R account only
in credit memo to adjust open invocies.
If I select AFDA accout then I can't
adjust open invoices.
When I make General Journal entry for
Bad debt Dt (Expenes) to AFDA Cr (A/R)
it asks for customer name.
So I can't make General Journal entry for it.
Can I take AFDA as Other Current Asset instead of A/R?
I appriciate your help in this matter.
Thank you.
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