Conflict with Acobe Acrobat

We have Quickbooks for Windows 2007 installed on a Windows 2003 server and
also have Adobe Acrobat 8 installed on the same computer. When we go to
Save As PDF from inside Quickbooks, it immediately brings up Acrobat 8 and
complains of licensing.
My guess is that Quickbooks has its own DLL to handle this function, and it
has the same name as the one supplied by Acrobat. When Quickbooks calls
the DLL it is loading the one supplied by Acrobat instead of the one that
comes with Quickbooks. Is there a way for me to change this behavior and
force Quickbooks to load its DLL in preference to the one(s) that Acrobat
may have placed in the Windows system32 folders?
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If QB is using the same DLL as Acrobat, try doing a repair on your QB installation. That should update that DLL with the QB version.
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The DLL QB has in its install folder is probably the correct version. What would be the point of overwriting it with itself?
The DLL that Adobe Acrobat has installed in SYSTEM32 is probably the problem. And I certainly don't want to overwrite that DLL or otherwise Adobe Acrobat would stop working.
The objective was to find a way for Quickbooks to be forced into using its copy of the DLL.
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On Wed, 20 May 2009 22:10:26 -0700, "W" wrote:
Check out the quickbooks forums online. I had a problem with *.pdf after installing QB 09. I found some instructions on how to delete & reinstall the QB internal printer. That fixed my problem. N Owen
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N Owen
The usual fix for fixing the internal PDF printer is to delete the QB pdf printer (with QB closed). The next time you go to save or print to pdf QuickBooks will recreate the QB pdf printer. Trying this would certainly be worth trying.
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