Customizing Invoice Templates

I have a client who is pushing the boundaries of customizing the invoice
templates in QuickBooks. But he has stumped me with the following questions:
1. How do you change the date format on the invoice template? QB defaults to
MM/DD/YYYY but he wants it to spell out Month DD, YYYY.
2. How do you change the font for the page number (both the word "page" and
the number) on the bottom of the invoice template?
3. How do you prevent "Total Amount Due" from printing on each page of a
multiple page invoice?
4. How do you get the estimate number to carryforward to the invoice when
the invoice is created from an estimate? There is no data field for this.
He is using QuickBooks 2007 Pro.
Thanks in advance ! Terry
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Looks to me as if your client is reaching the limits of the invoice template designer....(comments below)
Quickbooks defaults to windows defaults, I belive, so you would have to change the format in the windows control panel.
I could not find any way to change this font.
I, too, have disliked "Total Amount Due" printing on the invoice if spanning multiple pages, but Quickbooks does not have any way of removing a field for multiple pages. Your clienbt will just have to live with it, or print the first page with a different template than the last page.
Correct, can't be done apparently
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Gary E
QuickBooks just doesn't have the flexibility in design your client wants.
I also think a carryover of the estimate number is important in a generated invoice. My company policy is to include the estimate number and an abbreviated description in the memo line for the proposal. When an invoice is generated from the estimate, we insert a line "Progress Payment (or Final Payment) request for proposal" - the memo, which is pre-filled from the estimate, is copied and appended to the inserted line.
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