QB Enterprise 2014 Breaks Intuit Credit Card

It appears that the integrated "Intuit Credit Card" stops downloading
charges in Quickbooks Enterprise 2014. This product appears on financial
service vendor list as "Quickbooks Platinum Plus".
Intuit is taking the position that this is Bank of America's problem. Bank
of America is saying they may not support this until March 2014.
Does this strike anyone else as being totally whacky? Intuit is marketing
this feature as an integral part of Quickbooks. It's branded as Quickbooks
not Bank of America. Shouldn't Intuit be acknowledging that they made a
product manager error and botched the release of the new product? At
minimum, I would expect someone high within Intuit management should be
making phone calls to someone within Bank of America management trying to
get the priorities for implementing this changed.
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