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Add a notes field
Looking for a way to add a "Notes" field to a Sales Order. Would like to be able to add shipping/labeling instructions, etc. in this field. Do not want it to show up on invoice. Any ideas?
12 years ago
Reimburseable Customer Expenses
This is fine until I found there were no adjustments to offset the revenue. Thus far I have made General Journal entries through QuickBooks to accomplish the correct distribution. Dr. 5990.1 Other...
12 years ago 1
upgrade 2006 to 2007
We had issues with the upgrade to 2007 r8 and had to roll back to 2006. We did find the problem with the help of some quickbook tech support articles which we though should have been in the setup...
12 years ago 4
"mapping error" in versacheck with quickbooks
Is anyone else getting the "mapping error' when trying to print checks from QuickBooks Online using VersaCheck? The forums are filled with posts on this issue but I found nothing here. Anyone else...
12 years ago
Recording business expenses paid from personal credit card
How do you record purchases made from a personal credit card? I have a sole proprietorship. Sometimes my wife will order things for the business - furniture, office supplies, etc on a personal credit...
12 years ago 10
QB 2007 feature that never worked
One of the documented 2007 new features was the ability to set the maximum number of backups that QB would place in a specified folder. This feature has never worked, at least for me. Has it worked...
12 years ago 1
Does QuickBooks Premier 2007 work on Windows Small Business Server?
Does QuickBooks Premier 2007 work on Windows Small Business Server 2003? Intuit's web page says: a.. Windows 2000/XP/Vista a.. Win2000, WinXP Pro, WinXP Home (Not recommended), Windows Vista, Windows...
12 years ago 4
Sun StarOffice
We have three PCs running Quickbooks, 2 with 2002 and one with 2005. On one of the Quickbooks 2002 machines we have had to convert to StarOffice instead of MS Office. Is it possible to redirect output...
12 years ago 10
QB Premier Canadian 2007 multiple sales orders
Hello. I have customers who would like us to keep backorders on file and combine and ship all of them at once. I have seen a way to combine multiple sales orders into one invoice, but I can not seem...
12 years ago
Getting Reimbursed for Client Expenses in Quickbooks
What is the best way to get reimbursed for client expenses using quickbooks? I have an engineering sole proprietorship. I design things for my clients, and often times I have to buy physical items,...
12 years ago 3
Tracking complex sales commissions
We are now starting to split up our commissions on various deals splitting the Gross Margin among several people on our staff where one person gets 25% and another gets 25% and another get 50%, and...
12 years ago
2007 Quicken Problem Flicking
I have XP pro and 2007 quicken . I installed and reinstalled Quicken but at times the screen for quicken flickers. I went to the quicken site and I noticed there are many many people having the same...
12 years ago 1
Adding Vehicle Mileage Icon to QB2007 Pro Home Page
Hello all, I can't seem to find a way to add an icon to the Home Page for vehicle mileage. It is a pain to constantly have to hit the title bar for this task... Anybody have any luck? Thanks in...
12 years ago 5
Custom Invoice with Drop Down List
Is it possible to add more than one drop down list to the add invoice screen? I would like drop down list for the following headings: Year Make Model Color If it cannot be done with Quickbooks does...
12 years ago
ePay EFTPS internet password missing after payroll update
When I try to epay to EFTPS from Quickbboks, the E-Pay login screen has boxes for PIN, PIN Confirmation, and Email address. My payment gets rejected because I am not entering the EFTPS internet...
12 years ago 1