Advice wanted, Switching to Quicken 2006 from MS money

Had all i can take with Ms Money.
Switching to Quicken 2006. The data conversion tool crashes on my money
generated files, so i decided to start new with quicken at 1/1/06. I
can download savings/checking/cc activity from my bank into quicken.
What im really looking for is advice on general setup. Avoiding common
pittfalls, i know MS money back and forth, but quicken seems more than
a bit different and was wondering if anybody had any DO's or Dont's???
I have what everybody else seems to have: general checking /savings
/cc's /investment /mortgage type accounts and the such. Any advice will
be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.
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As the saying goes, "If everything else fails, read the directions" I suggest reviewing the various "HELP" functions offered. It is time well spent. Jim M.
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Jim M.
I made the switch a year ago.. The only thing that was somewhat confusing was handling the place markers in the investment accounts. I am happy I made the switch. I switched because Q can download Morgan Stanley, Shorty
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