Backup File Structure & Routines

I'd like a little more security in the backup routine I have for my data
file. Presently, I backup to a zip drive plus wherever the program is
putting those other copies it makes. Q1) What's the file extension for
backups? I'd like to find those other locations.
I've noticed on my zip drive that I'm making full copies of my data file
rather than overwriting or making addendums to it. I don't know which is
Q2) How do I structure a backup file so it takes the least amount of
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John Gregory
John - I'll refer you to a thread in the Quicken Forums newsgroup. Scroll down to the post by MikeB dated Aug 25 - he gives a pretty thorough review of the backup process and of different strategies:
formatting link
Will add in response to your query - QW does a 'full backup' each time - several files in a file set. It does not do an incremental backup.
The rest is best answered in the referenced post.
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