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In the above discussion the original poster says, "I've just upgraded from a much older version of quicken . My bank is not supported by Quicken so I have to download the transactions then import them to Quicken. The only Quicken file type offered by the bank is QIF. When I imported this into the old version it showed the transaction date, but now the only date shown is the download date.
Then the op asks, "How can I can get Quicken to show the transaction date?".
QIF files contain only one date; and that date is intended to be the "transaction date". But Quicken has NO control over what data another entity/person puts in a QIF file. The creator of the QIF file has 100% control over what actual date is sent as the "transaction date".
So the answer to the original poster's question is: get the financial institution to put the "transaction date" in the QIF file. There is nothing that Quicken can do about that.
Also in the above discussion is a comment by another user, who says: "The bank must have a valid contract with Quicken for transaction download (QFX) / import (QIF) services to function in the current Quicken version."
While that comment may have been an attempt to reply to another user who suggested using QFX files (Web Connect), it shouldn't have contained the reference to QIF files.
First of all, there is no way to tell who/what formatted a QIF file; so no way for Quicken to know where a QIF file came from. In my experience (and I just tested with Q2020 R28.10] the subscription version of Quicken will import QIF files into any account type without regard to the origin of the file, or any consideration of whether the Quicken account being imported to is activated for downloading (mine was not).
The main most recent change in QIF file importing (which occurred after Quicken switched to the "subscription" model), is that QIF files can now be imported into ANY Quicken account type with NO pre-processing required ... but with NO opportunity to analyze the imported transactions in the Downloaded Transactions tab, since all QIF file imported transactions are now automatically entered into the designated Quicken account (with no use of renaming rules, or application of QuickFill from memorized transactions).
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