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Is there anyone to import .csv files into quicken.? Our credit union is the
only financial institution in the nation that has incompatible file suffixes
with Quicken.
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cliff copeland
The only comma delimited file that Quicken will import is one formatted with security prices.
If you have Excel, you can get the free Excel macro, "xl2qif", import your .csv file into Excel, and use xl2qif to export a .qif file.
Then if you have Q2004 or earlier, you can import that file into Quicken directly. If you have Q2005 or later you will have to use one of a couple of workarounds to import. For Q2005 or later, the simplest workaround is: import your non-investment account qif file into a Quicken Cash account, then use cut/paste (or "move transactions) to move the transactions to your checking/savings account.
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John Pollard
I meant to note that this workaround will not allow you to distinguish between downloaded transactions that are "New" and those that "Match" existing register transactions.
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John Pollard

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