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As promised, Intuit disabled stock quote updates from Quicken 2002 - as a
workaround wanted people to know you can indeed import a csv with stock
quotes in it to update your portfolio.
A csv file example:
To avoid upgrading Quicken - I wrote code to get my list of stocks to put
into a csv file - I just put in my list of ticker symbols and then I put it
in my startup folder and then I have a CSV file ready for import into
Quicken. A few more clicks to get my portfolio updated in Quicken - but I'm
happy with it.
If someone is interested - just let me know and I can share.
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Billy Boone
If you set up your quote portfolio in Yahoo, at:
formatting link

and then click on "Download Spreadsheet", you actually get a CSV file in the format you describe. For me, if I opened the spreadsheet with Word and then saved it, Word put quotes around the stock symbol, as in:
If you save the file and then, in Quicken's Portfolio view, do a File-Import-Import Prices using that file, the prices will import successfully.
If you set the File Association (in Explorer) for .CSV files to Word, you should be able to open the file in Word after you download.
This almost automates the process into a "one click" solution, as before.
Hope this helps.
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Billy and Ira,
I've got it now, too. Using "Download spreadsheet" in Yahoo and giving a file name, I can then simply "Import Prices" into Quicken by specifying that file name. No opening the spreadsheet, editing quotation marks, deleting columns, or anything.
Using Q2001D on Linux (Xandros 3.0 with CrossOver Office).
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John B. Egger

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