Import CSV to SQL database

I have a CSV file with all my data to be imported to SQL database of RMS. I
have downloaded trial version "EMS Data Import for MySQL". It seems that I
need to have a blank SQL database already created to import my CSV file data.
How could I create a blank SQL database? Is this the way it is suppose to
work or am I missing something.
Don Watane
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Nope, you're not missing anything. MSImport needs a database to import into.
To create a new one, SO Administrator | File | Connect | put your password in | Database | Create | give it a name | Next | when it asks for a file, click on the magnifying glass, double click on the DBFiles folder, then double on the rmsdb.bck | Next | Next | Finish
You have now created a new blank RMS database. Now connect to it.
File | Connect | put your password in and change the name of the database to what you just created | File | Configuration | change the db name here too. | Test Connection
Exit Admin. Now go back to MSImport and give it the name of the new database you created and the password.
The demo version will only import 5 records I think, unless they've changed it.
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