how to transfer all of my existing accounts to a new installation of Quicken

I have a problem that I am trying to solve - my current Quicken data base is corrupt and is prohibiting me from doing things (e.g. make a back up, create reports, putting check numbers on online banking transactions)
I've tried many, many alleged resolutions and spent a lot of time with no success.
A new approach: What I want to do is transfer all of the accounts that I've created in Quicken to another machine that has a clean install of quicken.
I just want the account information, not all of the transactions associated with those accounts.
I also would like to transfer my online payee list information, as well as my memorized payees.
How can this be done?
I am hoping that the developers of quicken were smart enough to separate account information from associated transactions so one could
effectively transfer 'clean' accounts.
One approach I can think of is to import a backup version of my data and manually go into each of the transaction ledgers and delete all the transactions but Quicken does not seem to provide a way to manually delete multiple transactions...
Well one caveat...One can select all the transaction on one page of the ledger and delete them. In my situation, I have a transaction ledger with over 1000 transactions.
Effectively, I want to purge all my transaction data and start from scratch.
Any help is appreciated...
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Quicken does allow us to delete all of the transactions in an account. For non-investment accounts, we may select all of transactions directlty in the register and right click to delete For investment accounts, we may select all the transactions in a transaction report and right-click to delete.
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How about your backups? If you find your most recent non-corrupted backup, you can use that and play catch up with the most recent transactions.
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Taxed and Spent
Thanks, sounds reasonable, but how do I select all the non-investment trans actions that I want to delete? For transactions on a single 'page'/window, I can select the first tranacti on, then go to the bottom of the page, hold Shift down and click on the las t transaction that will highlight all the transactons on the page, but in t he case where I have 1000+ transactions, this can be very time consuming.
WRT the restoration from backups...well, different functionalities degraded over time....the last backup the 'worked' is a few months ago, and restori ng all the data from that point would be to time consuming compared to clos ing out the year and starting from scratch. John
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Are you unable to use the register's vertical scroll bar? As an alternative, you can use Shift + Up/Down arrow on the keyboard extend the selected range.
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Thank you...I didn't think about the scroll bar....(being really dumb!) So I tried the delete all of my 3500 entries in my check ledger (which is t ied to my bank account for online banking). I selected all the transaction s, right click - > delete...and for almost every entry, I get a message: Do you want to change the way the payment will be processed, or just change the way the payment will be displayed in your register? To only update yo ur register, choose OK, to change the way the payment is processed, choose Cancel, then cancel the payment instruction......
OK, now hitting update for 3000+ times is a little ridiculas....
Looks like my idea isn't going to work. So I'll ask the question again.....
Is there a way to export only my account information and my payee list to b e used by a clean install version of quicken? I *really* do not want to re-enter all my information and restoring from a 'good' backup will requir e lots of re-entering information.... Thanks J
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Do all the transactions have "Send" in the "Check #" column or is this behavior part of the datafile corruption?
When we export a QIF file, we can limit the transactions by specifying a date range.
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