Increase share precision in Investment Transactions report?

Hi all:
I'm running an Investment Transactions report as part of my process of checking the conversion from Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor shares to Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral shares. The conversion factor between the two classes of shares is something like 0.9998165289......... so a certain amount of precision is necessary. However, while Quicken internally carries share balances out to 6 decimal places the Investment Transactions report only reports shares out to 3 decimal places. I've noticed this before and worked around it manually but I have more that 100 "buy" transactions in the fund so I thought I'd ask; anyway to get the Investment Transactions report to display shares out to 6 decimal places?
Tom Young
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My Q2009 Edit->Preferences->Quicken Program->Reports only has a Decimal places for prices and shares option that can range 0-6. Mine is set to [a?] default 3 - I've never done any investment reporting where this concerned me. Geo.
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