Manually matching - old transaction shown

When I manually match a transaction, Quicken displays a list of
candidates. Everything is fine EXCEPT one of the transactions is old
and always shows as a candidate. The transaction has been marked as
Reconciled in the register.
Is there a way for me to get Quicken to stop showing this old
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Quicken doesn't care whether an existing transaction has been reconciled. Picture the case where you have been manually entering transactions and reconciling them for months/years ... then you decide to start downloading - you'd want Quicken to be able to match to your reconciled transactions that had never been downloaded before..
Quicken does care whether an existing transaction has been "downloaded" before: if it has, Quicken won't include it in the Manual Match list of candidates.
Right-click the "old" transaction in your Quicken register. Hold down CTRL while left-clicking "Copy transaction(s)". Put a checkmark in the "Downloaded" box and put a valid date in the "Posting date" field (if you don't know, you can just guess at this ... you could use the transaction date, for example). That tells Quicken the transaction was downloaded (even it it wasn't), and it should not appear in subsequent manual match dialogs.
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