Quicken 2016 R15.3 release notes

Release R15.3 (US Versions, May 2018)
Before you take this update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update
to ensure that your data is synced to the cloud and also make a backup
of your data file.
Improved: File Validate and Repair: users encountering a small
"success" message on a white background after signing in can correct the
problem by selecting File > File Operations > Validate & Repair while
holding down the Control key, and then selecting the first checkbox.
Improved: Investment transaction entry. Security dropdown now allows
you to search by name / symbol.
Improved: Security Matching window changes to facilitate better
search while matching.
Improved: Added the ability to choose 'all' or 'no' categories for
Fixed: An issue where a loan reminder gets into a loop and adds
duplicate reminders which results in a crash.
Fixed: An issue with ROI calculation if there was a cash balance in
the account.
Fixed: An issue where cleared transactions were omitted from the
reconcile list.
Fixed: An issue where the Rental Properties Profit and Loss View
filters were getting reset automatically.
Fixed: An issue where transaction attachments were being lost during
Copy File.
Fixed: An issue where double-digit dates were not visible in some
Fixed: For some users, an issue where temporary accounts were
created during accounts reset.
Fixed: An issue where duplicate accounts were being created after
doing a reset and restore backup.
Fixed: An issue where credit score can disappear from the account
bar after mobile sync.
Fixed: An issue where clicking on a menu was causing a click on the
screen underneath.
Fixed: An issue where the Mileage tracker tool bar icon vanishes
from the toolbar upon restarting Quicken.
Fixed: An issue where the rent due date changes incorrectly, if the
lease start date or move-in date is changed.
Fixed: An issue where transactions went missing upon re-enabling
accounts in some cases.
Fixed: An issue where the Quicken window size and position was lost
after installing a patch.
Fixed: An issue where the Pay Check Wizard did not show the accounts
which were being synced to mobile.
Fixed: Show/Hide Passwords toggle was visible even in dialogs which
do not show and hide passwords.
Fixed: An issue where the window resize scales the width of the
window but not the height (discovered during the staged release of R15.2
Fixed: A few crashes and UI issues.
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Andrew Rossmann
My 2016 updated automatically when I launched it today. But for my other computers, I need the patch file, and on the Q support site it shows latest as R16.1. Should I install that one on all PC's?
Dick Ballard

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Dick Ballard

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