Quicken 2020 R25.21 Release Notes

Mar 2020 Fixed: An issue in which users were incorrectly being prompted to upgrade to use the bill payment option. This occurred on both the One Step Update settings screen and on the Bills & Income tab. Fixed: Minor layout and text issues in the bill payment module. Fixed: An issue cleaning up stale bills that were marked incorrectly with the 'to be migrated' status. Improvement: Added customized messaging for City of Palo Alto utilities to clarify the delayed behavior of their payments.
Quicken 2020 R25.18 Release Notes Mar 2020 Fixed: An issue in which bill payment reminders were being skipped. Fixed: An issue that resulted in payment accounts no longer working when a user signed out and then signed in again with the same account. Fixed: An issue in which the dashboard displayed an incorrect amount paid for some online bill payments.
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