Quicken 2020 R29.12 Release Notes

Busy month for updates. Suspect they meant USAA, not USSA.
Quicken 2020 R29.12 Release Notes
Sep 2020
Fixed: Resolved an issue adding online accounts for Chase and USSA account
holders when using the financial intuition's icon on the Add Account screen.
Fixed: Resolved an issue in which the application crashed during One Step Update
when the user was syncing with Quicken Cloud Services (Mobile & Web).
Fixed: Resolved an issue in which some users saw two opening balances for a loan
account due to a change in aggregation.
Quicken 2020 R29.9 Release Notes
Sep 2020
Improvement: The Add Account screens have been improved to make the process of
linking accounts to financial institutions easier. The new design emphasizes
that users add accounts by financial institution rather than account type. For
example, a user may have several accounts (checking, savings, credit card, etc.)
with the same institution and those can be added via a single search rather than
searching for each account type separately. The improved process also uses tabs
to delineate adding connected accounts from adding offline accounts or other
assets and liabilities. As before, you can add an account by selecting the +
icon on your Account Bar. Quicken Home & Business users will see an additional
tab with business options. We've also improved the financial institution search.
As part of this process, the search results page was redesigned to make results
more informative and the popular financial institutions list includes a greater
variety of financial services.
Improvement: As part of the Add Account improvement, It is now easier to add
Direct Connect to a loan account, either when adding a financial institution for
the first time, or as a later step.
Improvement: Added the ability to use the Simple Investing beta when adding
investment accounts through the Add Account process.
Improvement: For Value Over Time in Simple Investing , added a year to date
value called This Year . Also added a quote timestamp to the Top Movers panel.
Updated formatting and colors as well.
Improvement: Cloud synchronization has improved error handling and transaction
Improvement: Updated the financial institution login page to improve messaging
and promote security.
Improvement: Added the Contact Quicken Support menu item under Help .
Improvement: Made it easier to change the file location for automated backups.
Improvement: Added the ability to initiate a Quick Pay or Check Pay payment from
the Bills & Income Reminders (Ctl + J) window.
Improvement: Added in-product tutorial and videos for using Quicken Bill Manager
with Quick Pay and Check Pay . They can be accessed from the Bills & Income tab.
Improvement: Added option to schedule checks based on either the send date or
the target payment date when using Check Pay .
Improvement: Added a way for users to send a Quick Pay or Check Pay payment
after reconciling a credit card account.
Improvement: Changed the Corporate Securities Spin-Off investment action to use
a Return of Capital transaction instead of a Removed transaction to provide more
accurate IRR reports.
Fixed: Resolved an issue in which the Online Payee List did not retain former
Quicken Bill Pay payees, making it more difficult to add these payees to Quicken
Bill Manager .
Fixed: Resolved issue using autofill for adding payees in reminders.
Fixed: Resolved issue passing security information related to challenge
Fixed: Resolved issue using Quickfill to input categories for banking
transactions such as withdrawals and check writing,
Fixed: Resolved issue printing PDF files for reports.
Fixed: Added error message for users attempting to backdate manual reminder
transactions to a date prior to the first entered transaction from the reminder.
Fixed: Resolved issue preventing users from copying and pasting bank
transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.
Fixed: Resolved issue with budget report when selecting Non-Zero Actual/Budgeted
and Include Transfers .
Fixed: Resolved issue in which the prompt to Update All Categories for a Payee
did not appear when recategorizing a transaction for a payee.
Quicken 2020 R28.28 Release Notes
Sep 2020
Fixed: Resolved an issue in which the Online Payee List did not retain former
Quicken Bill Pay payees. Users can now copy information from an old Quicken Bill
Pay payee when creating a Check Pay payee.
Fixed: Resolved a crash that occurred during patch downloads.
Fixed: Resolved an issue in which Quicken was sorting transactions incorrectly.
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