Quicken 2019 R19.43 Release Notes

Quicken 2019 R19.43 Release Notes
May 2019
Fixed: A few crashes.
Quicken 2019 R19.36 Release Notes
May 2019
Fixed: A few crashes.
Quicken 2019 R19.34 Release Notes
May 2019
New: You can now access My Account directly from the Help menu (Help > My
Quicken Account). My Account is the place where you can manage your Quicken ID,
password, email address, subscription preferences, and more.
Improved: This release has a number of user interface enhancements and bug
Fixed: An issue where checking your Membership status from the Help menu did not
immediately update the file with the latest expiration date.
Fixed: An issue where after activating your subscription in Quicken your last
used data file was not automatically opened.
Fixed: An issue where some users were not able to add a Capital One 360 account.
Fixed: An issue where a change to a transaction?s status made on Quicken for the
Web could sometimes fail to sync back to Quicken desktop.
Fixed: Updated the W4 tax rates and mileage rates in the Tax Planner.
Fixed: An issue where the 'new' status (blue icon) of a transaction was not
cleared after the transaction was edited.
Fixed: An issue where a subscription alert message could still display
immediately after the subscription was renewed due to a timing problem with
Fixed: An issue where, for some users, the 'Filing Status' in the Tax Planner
was not being saved.
Fixed: An issue where matching a manual transaction to a downloaded transaction
did not retain the Tag or Attachment from the manual transaction.
Fixed: An issue where a prompt to enter a Password Vault password could not be
Fixed: An issue where the One Step Update dialog was not displayed even after
the 'Download transactions when Quicken starts' preference was set.
Fixed: A number of Online Bill and Bill Dashboard issues.
Fixed: A number issues that could occur when a budget was synced for display on
Quicken Mobile & Web.
Fixed: A few crashes.
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Arthur Conan Doyle
On Tue, 28 May 2019 08:00:12 -0500, Arthur Conan Doyle
I'm running 18.16, and if I go to "Check for updates," it tells me I already have the latest version. What am I missing?
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Ken Blake
On Tue, 28 May 2019 07:38:40 -0700, Ken Blake snipped-for-privacy@invalid.news.com> wrote:
If I go the Quicken web site, I see they have 19.36 there. But there's no 19.43.
Should I install 19.36?
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Ken Blake
R19.43 is the most recent update out for limited release. R19.36 and R19.34 were earlier limited release updates.
I would not install 19.36. I suggest waiting at least until an update is made generally available.
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On Tue, 28 May 2019 10:53:59 -0700, Sherlock snipped-for-privacy@nowhere.com wrote:
OK, thanks. I'll wait.
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Ken Blake
There are reports on the Quicken Community that the R19.x releases break Budgets. If you rely on the Budgets feature, you're better off staying on R18.x until this is resolved.
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Bob W.
Our second laptop says the same about R18.19 but I was able to upgrade to R19.43 on the first laptop. But no transactions from 2018 or 2019 show up.
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