Quicken 2019 R23.14 Release Notes

Quicken 2019 R23.14 Release Notes Oct 2019
New: Added the ability to validate billing information through a new menu. Validating billing information ensures that bills are properly set up and speeds
up the process of Quicken updating your bills. New: Created a video walkthrough for adding an account. New: Added throttling and user alerts for when a high volume of traffic is overloading servers, generally due to issues such as a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Improvement: Replaced outdated error reporting tool. Fixed: An issue in which the Summary column in the Budget view was calculated improperly when subcategories were not included in the budget. Fixed: An issue in which the total payment amount and minimum payment amount values switched after updating linked online bills. Fixed: An issue in which linked bill reminders were sometimes displaying as deposit reminders. Fixed: An issue in which the Portfolio view displayed Gain/Loss Percentage based on current market value rather than the price when the transaction occurred. Fixed: An issue in which an "Invalid id 0 for parameter coa.id error" occurred for some users when syncing to mobile & web. Fixed: An issue in which bill reminders were not linking properly when users attempted to link a reminder again after unlinking the reminder. Fixed: An issue in which the Spending Trend window had a date range mismatch. Fixed: An issue in which some Quicken folders and files were not deleted after deselecting the Delete Quicken.ini file option using the Qclean interface. Fixed: An issue that resulted in an added account being listed as unknown. Fixed: Several issues with Bills & Income reminders, including skipping defined intervals and an issue that occurred when a Billpay payment reminder date did not match the actual date of the payment. In this case, Billpay would not advance to the next reminder. Fixed: Several issues related to unexpected crashes. Fixed: Several issues with One Step Update including an issue in which users were prompted to run One Step Update multiple times when attempting to exit Quicken. Fixed: Several user interface or text issues.
Quicken 2019 R22.17 Release Notes Oct 2019 Fixed: An issue which was causing subscription expiration notices to appear when there was a problem connecting to the subscription service. Fixed: An issue in which expired services messaging displayed before the service end date and user functionality of the impacted services was limited. Fixed: An issue in which tags attributed to split transactions were removed from the desktop version of the software when syncing with the cloud. Fixed: An issue in which the 'Parameter stModeLId requires parameter stDueOn' error would occur and sometimes freeze the program for some customers during One Step Update.
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