Quicken 2019 R14.23 Release Notes

And a couple of rather massive updates...
Quicken 2019 R14.23 Release Notes Oct 2018 Welcome to Quicken 2019! As a Quicken Member you always get the latest version of Quicken ? no more upgrading to get the latest features and fixes. Thank you for being a Quicken customer!
New: Quicken Desktop?s key features now available for all members from any computer via the web! View balances, budgets, accounts, and transactions See spending trends by category, payee, and more Your accounts sync across desktop, web, and mobile Enjoy a fresh, streamlined Quicken experience Just sync your accounts and go to app.quicken.com Fixed: An issue where previously accepted transactions that were edited on mobile or web could reappear in the 'Downloaded Transactions' section of the register to be accepted again.
Quicken 2019 R14.21 Release Notes Oct 2018 Improved: Ability to include or exclude attachments when you copy data files. By default, attachments are included while copying data files. However, you can uncheck the Include attachments option to exclude copying attachments. Fixed: An issue with using filters on the Investment Report. Fixed: An issue with adding attachments to accounts. Fixed: An issue where the Income vs. Expenses graph displayed incorrect information in some cases. Fixed: An issue where the PayPal payment links were not generated correctly for invoices with a value higher than $999.99. Fixed: An issue where Reconciliation reports did not list the most recent transactions. Fixed: An issue you were required to sign in after updating your profile information. Fixed: An issue where, in some cases, new payees were not added to the memorized payee list, even though you configured them to be added automatically. Fixed: Multiple issues with reports that include investing accounts with split cash transactions. Fixed: An issue where, for some users, the One Step Update summary displayed successful reminder sync to Outlook, even though the option to sync reminders to Outlook was disabled. Fixed: An issue where, in some cases, Quicken crashed when changing the connection method from Web Connect to Direct Connect. Fixed: An issue where bill reminders continued to appear even after ignoring the reminders multiple times. Fixed: An issue where renaming rules did not apply correctly for transactions downloaded using some Web Connect accounts. Fixed: An issue where the split transaction window would not honor the register?s payment or deposit selection. Fixed: An issue where the ending balance was not adjusted when a bill marked as paid was deleted. Fixed: An issue where the column sorting icons and action buttons were not visible in the Bill and Income Reminders section at the bottom of a register. Fixed: An issue where dividend and reinvested dividend transactions were shown as both income and expense in the investment transaction report. Fixed: An issue where incorrect tax line items could display in the Gains and Income section of tax planner. Fixed: An issue where the Return to Reconcile option was available, even though there were no transactions to reconcile. Fixed: Incorrect IRA contribution limits in the Lifetime Planner. Fixed: A few user interface issues, mobile and web sync issues, text issues, and crashes.
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