Quicken 2019 R18.14 Release Notes

Jan 2019 Improved: You can now send and receive bill payments without doing a full transaction download. This is useful if you have a financial institution that limits the number of downloads you can perform each month. (It?s also faster than doing a full One Step Update.) When you run a One Step Update, just check the Bring my payment information up to date option to send and receive bill payments. Fixed: An issue where your Quicken membership status could continue to display as expired immediately after renewing your membership. Fixed: An issue where some Capital One customers were unable to perform scheduled updates after using Capital One?s secure sign-in method. Fixed: An issue where matching manually entered transactions to downloaded transactions was not possible for transactions with attachments. Fixed: An issue where Quicken displayed an incorrect membership expiration message when signing out of a data file. Fixed: An issue where, in some cases, editing a paycheck transaction in the register removed associated transfer transactions to other accounts. Fixed: An issue where the option to select accounts for Quicken Mobile and Web sync was not available for some users. Fixed: An issue where cleared transactions dated after the statement ending date were incorrectly included in reconciliation. Fixed: Multiple Quicken Mobile and Web sync issues. Fixed: A few user interface issues, text issues, and crashes. Discontinued: Due to low usage, the ability to automatically set an asset allocation target based a model portfolio during asset allocation is no longer available.
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