Quicken 2019 R20.15 Release Notes

Jul 2019 New: You can now sync your Asset and Liability accounts to Quicken mobile and web to get a more completely picture of your net worth anywhere anytime. Improved: We simplified the new budget setup process. You now have the option to select the categories you wish to budget and set the budget amounts up front, rather than starting with a pre-selected budget based on your past spending. Fixed: An issue with Online Bills where the bill due date was not retained after entering a bill. Fixed: An issue where when entering an investment transaction, the 'Show cash in checking account' option did not allow you to select an account. Fixed: An issue where editing a transaction while the register is sorted in descending date order could create a duplicate transaction. Fixed: An issue where Quicken always launched on the primary monitor. Fixed: An issue where categories were appended with 'ZZZZZ' when importing a .QXF file. Fixed: An issue where the button used to update your property value with Zillow was disabled. Fixed: An issue where Quicken could freeze on a setup 'success' screen. Fixed: An issue where some bills imported from 2017 were not being displayed in the Bills dashboard. Fixed: An issue where some Online Bills were showing as 'Awaiting next bill' even if a new bill was available. Fixed: An issue where newly downloaded transactions were sometimes not marked as new (blue icon) after a sync to web and mobile. Fixed: An issue where a manually entered security name was being added to the ticker symbol field instead of the name field during manual security setup. Fixed: An issue where an investment register sometimes displayed invalid descriptions for Div, DivX, IntInc, and IntIncX transactions. Fixed: An issue where the 'last sync date' displayed on the Mobile & Web tab was not updated after a sync. Fixed: An issue where a saved report using the 'custom to date' setting could display with the incorrect date range when accessed from the Reports & Graph center (it was displayed up to the date it was saved instead of 'to date.' It displayed with the proper date range when accessed from the reports menu). Fixed: The Adjust Share Balance action in the investing register now creates an adjustment transaction instead of a placeholder transaction. Fixed: An issue where the Share Balance column was not displayed correctly in single mutual fund accounts. Fixed: An issue where entering a manual security sometimes added that security to a watchlist by default. Fixed: An issue where changing the investment action for an existing transaction did not display all relevant fields for the newly selected action in some cases. Fixed: An issue where the investing register did not have keyboard focus when opened. Fixed: An issue where the Property and Debt tab appears when you add a new account even though it is turned off in the View menu. Fixed: An issue where scheduled payments for rental properties with linked mortgages are listed twice on the Upcoming Bills dashboard. Fixed: An issue where reminders that had transfers to liability accounts within a split would not display in the liability account register even when reminders were turned on. Fixed: An issue where scheduled loan reminders could display the entire loan amount when viewed in the liability account register (instead of just the principal amount). Fixed: Multiple issues related to syncing budgets to Quicken web and mobile. Fixed: A few interface issues and crashes.
Quicken 2019 R19.55 Release Notes Jul 2019 Fixed: A few internal bug fixes. Fixed: A proactive change to ensure that Fidelity account updates continue to work. Fixed: A few crashes.
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