Quicken 2019 R21.16 Release Notes

Aug 2019
Fixed: An issue in which the One Step Update Summary was not properly displaying
an error code for restricted financial institutions having multiple accounts.
Fixed: An issue in which One Step Update was required after users ran a backup
of their data file.
Fixed: An issue in which some users were experiencing crashes in the budget
Fixed: An issue in which a linked Cash Account would not update properly when
multiple securities were sold.
Fixed: An issue in which Quicken Home Inventory was not passing information
properly to Quicken.
Quicken 2019 R21.12 Release Notes
Aug 2019
Improvement: We cleaned up the One Step Update summary screen for better display
of errors and other information.
Improvement: We sped up the biller login process and added localization to the
bill refresh process.
Improvement: We simplified the set up process for new users by automatically
assigning them the preference of Download transactions when Quicken starts.
Fixed: An issue in which budgets were losing user-entered transfer categories.
Please note that any previously lost transfer categories will need to be
re-entered by the user.
Fixed: A synchronization issue that was preventing accounts removed in the
Quicken Windows from being removed in the mobile and web applications.
Fixed: An issue in which the application was lagging or crashing when users
attempted to deactivate the online account.
Fixed: An issue in which Lifetime Planner was not calculating spouse Required
Minimum Distributions properly.
Fixed: A synchronization issue with the mobile app in which financial
transactions were getting deleted after a sync.
Fixed: An issue in which the Quicken client would repeatedly ask the user to
create a rename rule for payees that have already been set up with a Do not
rename rule.
Fixed: An issue in which Quicken was not automatically refreshing a request
after receiving an error from aggregation services.
Fixed: An issue in which the message Unknown error was appearing under bills.
Fixed: An issue with multi-monitor displays in which drop-down lists, calendars,
and other elements did not appear in the correct locations.
Fixed: Removed the inactive applications Quicken Online Backup & Billminder from
the installer.
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