Quicken 2019 R22.12 Release Notes

Quicken 2019 R22.12 Release Notes Sep 2019 New: Created Q cards tour to guide new and existing users through the use of Quicken's primary features. To take the tour click View Tour on the right corner of the screen below your tabs. New: Added the ability to sync bill reminders (scheduled transactions) with your web and mobile applications. This will help you get reminders through those interfaces. Because the web and mobile apps have their own release schedule, watch those apps for when they add the bill reminder feature. New: Added Annualized Returns and Capital gain % columns to the capital gains report. Users can toggle between the two columns. Fixed: An issue in which One Step Update was causing a silent crash in some instances. Also addressed other issues with One Step Update. Fixed: An issue in which Bills & Income reminders and other scheduled items were unreliable. Fixed: An issue in which the Pay option was displaying when it was not the correct option. Fixed: An issue in which junk characters pre-populated in the cloud name field during new file creation. Fixed: An issue in which users reaching the Paycheck line item limit were unable to make room for new line items by deleting old line items. Fixed: An issue in which Portfolio displayed closed lots with inaccurate information. Fixed: An issue in which an error message box displayed when accepting downloaded transactions for an investment account. Fixed: An issue in which some unlinked bills had incorrect options. Fixed: An issue in which the date was not maintained after selecting Enter/New for investment forms. This occurred in both investment and banking transactions. Fixed: An issue in which the Cash Flow report was showing incorrect numbers when transfers and subtotal by payee were included. Fixed: Several user interface or text issues. Fixed: Several error mapping issues. Fixed: Several issues related to unexpected crashes.
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