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I just performed a download from my bank and natched the list with our recorded and entered transactions - and everything matched no wierd things.
Clicking DONE, the summary showed I was out of balance by over $-1000 and change and it showed transacrions that were cleared in earlier balances to have just been be in this one. So I checked my logs ( I keep a log of every time I backup my files and whether or not the accounts balanced with the appropriate institution) and the last time I backed up, the bank was in balamce, so if eveything matched, it should balance again.
I then went thru the register and found some transactions as early as December 2017 a not cleared. Upon further inspecrion, I found some TX's from earlier this year not clearedm so got out my statements and saw they had been cleared. I don't know what is going on here and I think I want to reload from a backup that was last balanced.
Never having done this before, I have looked at what happens when one does this and details are somewhat nebulous enough that I'm not confortable doing this without some other advice from the experts.
What I think happens is that the old files are reloaded and now become the current Quicken files. If I do a TX download, I will get ALL TX's that are not in the current file. In other words Quicken knows the last date of download and will request TX's from that date until now.
Is thai correct, and if so, are ther any other things to watch out for other than all accounts will be returned to the backup date status?
Thanks or your ssistance.
John Carter
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John Carter
I'm sorry, I did not give details of my system.
I run Windows 10 Pro up-to-date and Quicken Deluxe 2019 latest release as of the 24th IIRC.
I use a wired connection - no WiFi.
Intel Core I7-7000 if that's of any value.
My system is very stable, now running over 40 days since last re-oot for other than Windows updates.
John Carter
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John Carter
Your understanding is correct.
A data file backup is a readonly copy of the data file at the time the backup was saved. When we restore a data file backup, we may create a new data file or replace the current data file. The restored data file will become the current data file but we may open another data file to reset the current data file.
A restored data file is a data file in the state of the data file when the backup was saved. We are able to import the available transactions that have not been imported into the restored data file's registers.
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