Quicken 2017 and Upgrade to Win10 ver 1903

Just in case some others are having a problem, I thought I would post this
and maybe save someone a headache.
Recently upgraded my system from Win10 Pro ver 1809 to ver 1903 and Quicken
would not accept downloaded transactions from my bank or investment
Did not get any error message from Quicken but all Quicken showed was that
there were no transaction updates downloaded for banking or investment
accounts but prices were updated for the investment accounts. Seeing as how
I didn't do any downloads for two months, I knew that was wrong. I deleted
a checking account and started fresh opening a new account. Bank showed
there were 807 transactions, Quicken said the same but only the first
transaction was installed. I checked the downloaded file using Notepad and
there were hundreds of entries...
Researching the problem found that the culprit was most likely a Folder
Protection problem and solutions ranged from reinstalling Quicken to moving
it to a different folder to you name it.
The Fix: Decided to download and reinstall the last Quicken update patch and
that cured the problem.
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I had a similar problem with Quicken 2017 and Win ver 1903. After the last auto installed Quicken Update downloading your transactions would result in red flags next to accounts denoting new transactions but no new transactions posted when the account was viewed.
My fix was to download and install the latest Mondo Patch.
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