Quicken locks computer

Quicken 2017, Home & Business, Version R15.13, Build
running on Windows 7 x64 Version 6.1.7601, SP 1 32MB memory, Intel
i7@4.09 GHZ . Opens to Investing, Portfolio. Upon selection of the
Update button , the screen turns semi-transparent and locks the
computer. Cannot switch (via alt/tab) to desktop, must ctl-alt-del to
start task maager and kill the process to get the computer back.
Started acting up this morning. Restored backup file with no sucess.
R. Wink
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I suspect your Quicken ID token has expired. I suggest you reset the Quicken ID associated with the data file: select "Edit"->"Preferences...", "Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts", "Sign in as a Different User", ...
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Didn't get it done. When I get to "Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts">"Sign in as a Different User" it locked up. The circle ran and ran. Used ctl-alt-del to start task maager and kill the process. So I went to myaccount on quicken.com and changed the passwork and logged out. Using the new passwork, I logged back into myaccount without any trouble. Shut it down and opened Quicken on the desktop and tried to do an update and the whole thing lockuped again.
On Mon, 26 Feb 2018 13:35:57 -0800, Sherlock wrote:
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