Quicken XG 2005 Investment Transactions

I am in the process of converting my investment files from Money 2k
Deluxe (Cdn) to Quicken 2005 XG. Every transaction has to be entered
manually. When I initially set up quicken with my various investment
accounts, I used placeholders to identify my current holdings and
number of shares with each investment while I got around to entering in
all my data.
As I entered the historical data into Quicken for those investments I
used placeholders, I now get a "N/A" value in the cash column for the
investment transaction entered for the purchase. As I enter the data
in, I cannot check the box indicating the cash required to purchase the
investment should come from the associated cash account. It really
seems to screw up the numbers and I would like to determine how I get
around it.
Any ideas appreciated.
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