Reoccuring online bill reminders reappear

Anyone else having problems with reoccurring bill reminders coming back into the queue after being paid? I thought I saw this issue fixed a while ago, but it's still happening and I'm on the latest (R18.15) of Quicken Premier 2019. A work around is to "ignore" the bill that reappeared.
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The Quicken support thread for this issue is now the second longest in their forum, with no end in sight. The only activity by Quicken has to several times falsely promise the fix is available in the latest fix, and to remove messages from the thread.
Some folks say that if you remove all bill reminders and re-enter them, the problem will go away; others deny that this fixes the problem. I haven't tried this myself.
A better circumvention than using "ignore" is to visit Bills -> "Bills, Income & Transfers", then visit "Projected Balances". (Let them complete, it might take a little while.) For me this causes the spurious reminders to go away until the next time.
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Eric Jackson
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and schedule payments for August, November, February and May. After I make each payment, it reappears in the queue.
This has been happening for more than 10 years. But only for these payments. I have other one time scheduled payments, for example my quarterly utilities -- same payee, same bank account. But they disappear once they are paid.
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