Security name change

Recently Invesco changed the name of a bunch of ETFs. I download data
from my advisor (Raymond James) weekly, so I don't have access to the
old qfx files.
I saw that my Capital Gains had increased hugely, and found that these
had been sold, but had no cost. Looking back I found that in Q each of
the old shares had been removed and then added - but with no cost
included. I went back to my last monthly report from RJames that had
the old shares, and used that info to modify the add transactions. The
CapGains returned to normal.
Mored recently transactions were added that bought and sold the shares
offsetting the shares numbers, but with no cost. Not sure where these
came from, but as soon as the purchase cost was added, all seems OK.
Maybe others encountered this.
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Jim T.

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