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My Quicken is 2016 Deluxe Version R14.12
Wonder if anyone else has seen these:
Recently two things are new, and could be Q or the source-
1. A security is no longer reported as a holding by Raymond James. It
is an annuity that has no number. Occurred several times.
2. Chase does not send the current balance on my credit card - shows
on Q as 0. Constantly. Sent them a note, but the tech obviously never
heard of Quicken.
I can't read the qfx file. It will load into an editor, but is not
formatted in any way.
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Jim T.
Same version here.
I know nothing about that.
I have a Chase Amazon Visa card. I do one step updates every day, and charges to that card come through just as everything else does.
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Ken Blake
On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:54:47 -0700, Ken Blake wrote:
Charges are OK. Just the balance is missing.
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Jim T.
Do you mean no line breaks? Because IIRC those files use the Unix convention and notepad won't display them correctly.
There is a free editor called notepad plus which will do the trick.
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Marc Auslander

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